Need instant food at any time? Why not take your own self-heating meals? No camp site facilities? Take along flameless food heating for unltiamte self-sufficiency. Trouble getting to the shops? Make sure you have a stock at home.

Survival Foods - Foods that prepare you.

Thinking of putting together a survival food supply?

Like the thought of food insurance come what may?

This site is dedicated to people like you to bring you the best tasting food and the latest technologies at the lowest prices.

We provide top quality foods specifically engineered for emergency and survival purposes. You can compare all the products from the top brands like Mountain House, Heater Meals, Gourmet Foods and many others. We also supply a range of equipment to accompany your survival foods. These range from tools to make water safe for drinking to self-heating pots, as well as products to help you make your own food.

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